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Cold Water Extraction

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Cold Water Extraction or CWE is a technique for removing the liver-killing APAP from your prescription opiate pills. For example, the hydrocodone in Vicodin is more soluble in coldwater than the APAP, thus in order to decrease the levels of APAP when taking large doses of Vicodin CWE is used, so less damage is done to the liver.
READ THIS: BlueLight, Drugs-forum, and other related drug sites LOVE to tell EVERYONE that you ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY HAVE TO CWE OR ELSE YOU AND YOUR MOM AND YOUR MOM'S DAD'S DOG WILL FUCKING DIE. That's bullshit, and a big dose of it. Look up the daily max dose for whatever is in it (seriously, Google this: X max daily dose (where X is acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc) and figure out if you're taking more or less. CWE's are advisable when you're taking close to or more than the daily limit.


General Info

The presence of APAP in pills is to contribute to the relief of pain, but it is dangerous and sometimes fatal if taken in high quantities as it may harm the liver, especially if alcohol is taken with it. The general dosage of APAP that is acceptable to be taken daily is 4000mg ( or 4g ), however, some people with a high tolerance for opis would take pills that would collectively contain more APAP than the recommended dosage, harming their liver and in some cases cause them to take a trip to the ER.
That is why these same people use Cold Water Extraction to remove the APAP from the pills and worry only about the dosage of the opiates/opioids in their pills.

Which Pills Should I Use?

The ones with APAP, aka Tylenol or Acetaminophen. Pills with Ibuprofen/opiate combos can also be used, however Caffeine usually cannot be extracted. Examples include Tylenol 3 (Codeine).

So How Do I Isolate the Hydrocodone?

  • 2 glasses (or anything that can hold water)
  • Cheese cloth, cotton shirt, coffee filter, filter paper, etc.
  • Stirring utensil
  • Crushing utensil
  • Water

The science behind this extraction is that Aspirin and Acetaminophen are highly insoluble in water, and even moreso in water at near-freezing temperatures. However, many opioid narcotics are very soluble in water. The idea is to suspend the soluble narcotic in water and extract the crap (acetaminophen and aspirin) out of it.

1. Crush your pills to a fine powder. Proper untensils for doing this would be a pharmaceutical pill crusher, or a pestle and mortar, but a spoon will work. Pour the powder into the first glass.

2. Pour a little Cold (10-15C) water (about 2-20ml per pill depending on how well you have it down) into the glass so the pill dust is submerged. Stir it around until it's a milky goop.

3. Put the filter on top of the second glass, pour the goop through and squeeze the filter until left with a 'plug' of APAP in the filter. If you're using a paper based filter this is unwise and why fabric is more efficient than paper.

4. Throw away the filter and drink your vile shot.

There is a possibility that also, you could evaporate the water and obtain a pure hydrocodone powder.

More Instructions

1. Crush up your pills and dissolve them in room temperature water. You should use a few milliliters of water per pill, about a teaspoon per pill.

2. Stir the mixture until everything dissolves.

3. Put the mixture in the freezer to let it cool (not a necessary step unless the water is hotter than 20C). This shouldn't take very long. You want the mix to be very cold, but not frozen. You should be able to see crystals of APAP and binder or the water may appear cloudy.

4. Wet a fine piece of fabric (thin cotton shirt, cheesecloth) with cold water and then filter your mixture through the filter, making sure to squeeze out all the liquid.

5. If you CWE'd more than one dose, divide the liquid into appropriate doses. Otherwise just chug the stuff. Be prepared for an extremely bitter taste.

Note that codeine actually dissolves better in room temp to cold water, using warm water only wastes time by requiring the liquid to be stuck in the freezer, only refrigerate the liquid if starting with warm water (i.e you live in a country where tapwater is warm, like Somalia).

Videos of Cold Water Extractions

Detailed example of extraction

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