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Diphenhydramine (DPH) is an over-the-counter antihistamine used for the treatment of allergies and sometimes as a sleep aid. Taken in "recreational" doses, DPH is a powerful deliriant. At any dose DPH users can experience fatigue, dryness, loss of memory, and in most cases, dysphoria. The experience is often considered confusing and uncomfortable. Diphenhydramine is an anticholinergic similar to tropane alkaloids found in datura stramonium and other plants in the nightshade family. Anticholinergics inhibit acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system involved in regulating mood, memory, and many other basic functions such as regulating and monitoring heart rhythm and internal temperature which can lead to arrythmia (irregular heart rhythm) and hyperthermia (heat stroke or illness), for example.

Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate, or DMH) contains Diphenhydramine and a light stimulant. DMH contains roughly 60% DPH and 40% 8-chlorotheophylline. For this reason it is obviously 60% as potent as average DPH. Unisom (doxylamine) is another related antihistamine which is similar to DPH, but even in large doses merely produces extreme sedation and mild delirium. DPH is a vasoconstrictor.

Diphenhydramine, along with Datura has the reputation of being one of the shittiest drugs known to man. Imagine all the effects of being on some great quality Ecstasy along with being very clear-headed and fluent in speech. Now take the polar opposite of everything that represents, add translucent insects all over the place and you've got a full-blown DPH trip. Alternatively, imagine visiting Silent Hill while melancholy-shitface-drunk and you'll have a pretty decent idea of the entire trip. It is not a feels good man experience at all. If you're looking to have a good time, avoid Diphenhydramine at all costs, unless you are taking a small amount to help sleep/relax a tad, or if you plan on combining it with DXM.


Products containing Diphenhydramine

Another common product containing DPH

This following list are products that may contain purely DPH in its active ingredients:

  • Benadryl (in some countries this may contain Acrivastin instead of DPH)
  • Benalyn
  • Simply Sleep
  • Sleepinal
  • Wal-dryl
  • Compoz
  • Sominex
  • Nytol
  • Dimedrol
  • Unisom
  • Equate Sleep Aid
  • Zzzquil
  • up&up Sleep Aid
  • Boots OTC Own Brand Sleeping pills and Cough preparation (UK)

And many more over the counter sleep aids. Just look in the section with the sleep aids/allergy medication and check the boxes for active ingredients.

Amazon (US & UK) both stock DPH pills for dirt cheap. e.g. 1000 x 50mg pills for $20/£25. Though you clearly wont need this many.

NOTE: There are variations in these products that contain more than just DPH in their active ingredients, don't take them! Nytol in the UK does in fact not contain paracetamol.


Sleep aid 50-200 mg
Do not want 250-500 mg
Trip: 700+ mg
LD50 500 mg/kg in rats

DPH is not like other drugs in sense of dosage, a light dose does not equal a light trip. Doses under 300mg induce more of a restless feeling, body high, and muscle relaxation. Doses typically 600mg+ are what make the user enter delirium and see spiders and floating TVs. Oddly enough, anything in between these two extremes is often a disappointing and uncomfortable experience, characterized with twitching and only very minor hallucinations, mostly in the peripheral vision, nothing compared to a full trip. Many heavy users in the 200lb+ range report not tripping off a good 700mg and may have to bump up to as much 1000mg. Everyone reacts differently. Find a safe working dose for yourself.

NOTE: Do not exceed two grams, seriously.

The experience tends to last from 6-8 hours, depending on how much is ingested, but could last up to around 20 hours for high doses. There is often a day or 2 of afterglow/hangover, consisting of fatigue, scattered thoughts, and minor hallucinations. Some users experience sensitivity to light, dysphoria, and physical and mental sensations of restlessness and discontent.


The visual hallucinations of DPH are very realistic. They typically include but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Insects
  • A suitcase sized, legless homeless man who appears in a plastic shopping bag on your mom's computer desk
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Your Mom, frequently disappointed with you for taking drugs
  • Human beings, both familiar and unfamiliar
  • Dogs
  • Erratic ripples and strange moving textures in certain objects
  • The Hatman
  • Spiders
  • Smoke and distortion in the air (small lines much like the wiggles produced by flame)
  • Inanimate objects like delicious bacon and cell phones that appear out of nowhere, floating, only to disappear after your hand goes directly through it while trying to grab it
  • Flashes of light similar to a camera flash
  • Spiders
  • Entirely imagined events, such as getting dressed, only to find out that it never actually happened
  • Conversations with people that aren't really there
  • Short periods in which users report realistic (but not trippy/delirious) dream-like scenes of everyday things, almost like very short and vivid dreams.
  • Midgets
  • Shadow people
  • Floating orbs of light
  • The fact that it is fathers day in October.
  • Police through your peephole attempting to pick the lock on your door
  • More shadow people
  • Your friends, who turn back into parked cars after talking to them for ~15 minutes
  • Watch a bunch of Germans kill themselves by walking into a river.

Auditory hallucinations of DPH can be all kinds of things like voices/laughter/whispers from people that don't exist, pianos and radio stations.


Artist impression of DPH


This stuff is all the dementia, paranoia, and delusion of severe sleep deprivation packed into tiny pink pills. You may have a giant honking insectoid monster creeping around on the ceiling during a trip, and you know the fun part? The damn thing is as real to you as the hair on your head.


  • Dreamlike experiences
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increased sexual pleasure during climax (low doses) (If you can get it up).
  • Increased music appreciation (even on low doses).


  • Visual and auditory hallucinations, visuals
  • Unusual thoughts and speech
  • Flushed skin
  • Feeling of weightless, or the extreme opposite, feeling of heavy gravity.
  • Sleepy mixed with drunk feeling
  • Fun to try and walk


  • Dysphoria
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Loss of coordination
  • Panic
  • Dry mouth
  • Abnormal heart beat
  • Unable to speak complete sentences, gibberish, extremely forced speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Your pen0r will shrink for a few hours
  • Confusion, disorientation
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness during daytime
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea, vomiting (at higher doses)
  • Having to urinate every 15 minutes
  • Feeling like there is cement in your urethra when you do try to urinate
  • Temporary erectile dysfunction
  • Temporary teleportation
  • Seeing cars that might not be real
  • Talking like a complete retard
  • Not seeing cars that are real
  • Not seeing cats that are real
  • Nervousness
  • Loss of fine motor skills such as typing
  • Difficulty differentiating hallucinations from reality
  • Difficulty remembering that you are hallucinating even if you've already realized this 5 times (Think Memento on drugs)
  • Thinking hallucinatory spiders are laying eggs that will hatch once the trip is over and fill your house with a swarm of real spiders, so you try to set the thing you see them in on fire
  • Feelings of impending doom.
  • Feelings of regular doom.
  • Horrifying hallucinations.
  • Intense bodily temperature fluctuations.
  • Trying to sleep after large whole-bottle doses can be very hard to do; during so, you may experience violent bodily tremors that come and go in patterns.(could be fun for some)
  • walking into traffic, this is bad.


The most important thing to know about DPH is that it is NOT a "fun" drug. There's no euphoria or spiritual insight as there is with pretty much every other drug out there. The majority of people would find a DPH trip extremely unsettling and torturous. It's a trip to insanity and back, more horrible, interesting and strange than it is fun. It isn't an experience for anyone, but no one can stop you from doing it.

One user once described his reasoning for using DPH with this: "Why do we like to sit in a dark room and watch horror movies? Because fear can be fun, and nothing wrong with a little insanity every now and then to put reality into perspective." This is, in a way, true. You think fear can be fun, in your mind, when you have those pink pills in your hand, you know it's going to be scary because you want to be scared, or by some even more ridiculous reasoning, you take them. Then the trip starts and you are tortured by a loophole in the evolution of the human being that allows for a conscious being to exist in such a state. And by some error in reasoning, you will do it again.

The majority of DPH users simply enjoy hallucinations and experiencing the oddities that drugs have to offer. Any deliriant should be done once if ever done only to see what it's like, but you can do what you like.

Despite what you have just read, diphenhydramine (in small doses) has been known to cause sedation, muscle relaxation, and even euphoria. Too much of anything is a bad thing, but using diphenhydramine in a wise manner can be a good experience.

Also keep in mind there are plenty of reason why NOT to do DPH. If you read through this whole page and thought to yourself: "Hey this DPH thing sounds really dark and messed up. I bet if I tripped on this shit it would make me all edgy and hardcore and I can brag about ti to all my neat internet friends!" Then just stop right there, go sit in the corner, and rethink your life before you ever touch another drug.

Combining with other drugs

DPH can be combined with DXM for an experience that shares characteristics of both drugs. DPH relieves the nausea of the DXM and the DXM relieves a good amount of the bad vibes of the DPH. The two potentiate each other, so smaller doses of each are needed. For a first time user of this combo, 300mg of each is recommended.

Don't be afraid to get a little creative with the dosing.

DPH can also be combined with MDMA in an experience called "nightmare flipping". This is noted to have effects similar to the delirium induced by DPH, without the dysphoria associated with a DPH trip. Hallucinations have been described as neutral or pleasant in nature and very vivid, such as garden gnomes and exciting vivid dream scenarios. However, because of this combination's possibility to result in serotonin syndrome, it is recommended to take rather low doses of MDMA and doses of 700mg to 800mg of DPH to stay safe.

"Terror Doming" is the act of combining DPH with DMT. This produces vivid dream like episodes, combining the derealization of DMT and the Delirium of DPH can result in a complete loss of touch with the real world.

"Terror Blasting" is the act of combining DPH with hits of Salvia, this produces different moments of traveling through "salvia space" while maintaining a delirious and rather "un-lucid" experience. When combining either DPH with DMT or Salvia, it is recommended one have a sober "trip sitter" to make sure the tripper does not cause harm to themselves or others.

Keep in mind that there is zero research into DPH combinations, and very little anticdotal experience for combos other than DXM. These are are probably terrible for your brain: You have been warned.

Tips for having a DPH trip

  • PUT FUCKING SHOES ON WELL BEFORE YOU START TRIPPING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Once your carpet is covered in spiders and you decide you don't want to be feeling them twitching under your feet all night, you're going to go to get your shoes and they are going to be full of spiders.
  • Don't go into the trip looking purely for enjoyment, as you will likely be disappointed. Think of DPH as more a 'drug of interest'.
  • Having someone with you to monitor you during your trip is always a good idea. Sitter
  • Have 700mg or more available. 700 is typically a guaranteed trip dose for most users. Make sure that your product has only Diphenhydramine or Diphenhydramine HCl in its active ingredients list, and nothing more.
  • If you live with parents or people that shouldn't know about your DPH usage, take your dosage when they are asleep. These people being awake during your trip is not a good thing, especially if you come into contact with them or have to speak to them. If this is the case, IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO KEEP THE DOSE ON THE LOW END. A black-out DPH trip might end with you walking into their room, in which case you will probably be sent to the hospital.
  • Set up a good environment. The more unfamiliar you are with your environment, the more you will hallucinate. Cluttered areas tend to produce hallucinations well. As far as lighting goes, either a dark or dim room will do. Darkness produces much more hallucinations and will result in more of a mindfuck, but the light present in a dim room will make you see less, though more detailed hallucinations.
  • Have a bottle of water close. Your mouth will be the fucking Sahara. If you have trouble downing the water, try drinking in much smaller sips. If that doesn't work, don't force it. Wait for the trip to end.
  • Arm yourself with a shoe or fly swatter. When shit gets serious, some find it helpful to wail on the scarier hallucinations until they die/go away/whatever. Heavy or sharp objects are discouraged for this, as you might take a hunting knife and murder the rabid wolverine in your living room only to later find it was your cat.
  • Do not mix DPH with any other drugs except DXM (or in small doses to potentiate opiates, which it does nicely). The day of your trip, prohibit, or at least minimize caffeine intake, as DPH and stimulants is not a good combination and can lead to heart attacks and seizures even in those who aren't epileptic.
  • Music (and general hearing) is a different experience while on DPH. Some users report vocal distortion and either an odd listening experience, or a very positive and transcendental listening experience, even on therapeutic dosages. Headphones are your best bet. Pre-compile a playlist on your computer and making the text (and if possible, playback buttons) on your screen very large to minimize confusion and maximize efficiency. Operating a smaller device may be a challenge, but may be a better option, as you'll be able to walk around a bit without being tied to the computer.
  • Keep sharp and harmful objects away from your environment.
  • Stare at turned off TV/monitor screens for a while. People have reported watching nonexistent shows and browsing nonexistent websites.
  • Patiently stare at things for a while. Typically common things will morph or new things will appear.
  • Tolerance for DPH builds relatively quickly. Wait a good two to four weeks between trips. Four weeks is speculated to be very close to if not exactly zero tolerance. However, it is not impossible to hallucinate for multiple nights, as reported by some /del/ lurkers. But this is not recommended by many, as the trips do become progressively less-hallucinogenic, pointlessly unentertaining, and more uncomfortable.
  • Weed and DPH work against each other. Taking the two together will result in no experience at all (many contend). Combining DPH + DXM with weed will still yield a powerful trip. However, the effects of weed are certainly weakened, and it is questionable as to whether smoking is worth it at all. Conversely, Spice potentiates the effects of DPH

It is also speculated by experienced /del/ers that varied amounts of alcohol will just make you sleepier than typical, however there have been a few reports of small amounts of alcohol(Sips of a beer or a 1/2 to 1/4 of an 80 proof shot) increasing the likelihood and frequency of hallucinations.

Also important to remember when dealing with any chemical, especially DPH, that changes the delicate, yet strangely hardy, chemical equation that is the combination of our nervous system and brain; is that when you change any variable in any equation that the results will differ greatly by the difference of the new variable amounts. Meaning, don't do strong mind-altering drugs if you do not want to or are not willing to risk permanent psychological and personality changes. Experiences on DPH

Long term effects of DPH

Using diphenhydramine recreationally frequently for a long period of time can cause a condition called Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, or HPPD.

The symptoms of this condition are: paths of light following objects, halos of light around objects(especially if you stare at them), difficulty telling between colors, and distortion in peripheral vision. People with HPPD from DPH usually display DPH like hallucinations and extreme anxiety, rather than regular HPPD symptoms. Benadryl has been linked with an increased risk of Alzheimers in normal doses, and in one study on the elderly taking a normal dose of Benadryl for 90 days tripled their risk of getting Alzheimers1, though this study was contested. Although damage from normal use is primarily a concern for the elderly, taking doses 15-80 times the normal amount at once, done repeatedly, would seem to have a significant risk of causing long term neurological impairment.

Repeated DPH use has been shown to cause or intensify depression, as well as cause tremors (shaking hands).

Addiction Potential

Despite how hellish DPH experiences are, many users find themselves coming back only to remember how horrible it is when the effects set in. You usually remember things you saw, over how inhumanly shit you felt.

DPH withdrawal consists of allergy like symptoms, only with daily use for a long period of time. Despite DPH acting as a sleep aid at low doses, it is completely chemically different than benzodiazapenes or non-benzodiazepenes. DPH does not cause delirium tremens in withdrawal, DPH's primary effects are very similar to delirium tremens. That would be like heroin withdrawal causing the same effects as heroin without the sedation.


  • Drink water
  • Do not take large amounts of DPH in public, or around people who might care that you're talking gibberish into your imaginary cellphone.
  • Clean the trip site thoroughly, nothing sucks more than slipping on something and cutting oneself accidentally, then deliriously wondering if you're actually bleeding or not.
  • Take sharp objects out of plain sight. Lock your doors if you are doing it alone, or you might wander off and wake up 3 states over. Unless, of course, you find that kind of thing fun.
  • Users have reported that, in their delirious state, they have ingested more pills than they originally took. It is a good idea to throw out or hide any leftover pills, and it is an especially bad idea to leave them in plain sight. If you however do plan to take more after or during the come up of the initial dose, but always best decided BEFORE the initial dose is taken, because users have a tendency to look back and say "I was more fucked up than I thought at the time..." However, separate the booster amount you wish to consume later from your remaining total. And hide the remaining total.
  • Before you begin your trip, it is highly recommended that you write your dosage information down on a note and place it on your person, in your pocket or wallet perhaps.
  • If you have a sitter, make sure they know that seizures are a possible effect of DPH, and to take you to the hospital if you have one.
  • Remember, if you do have a seizure without a sitter, you might be in danger. When taking extremely high doses, or when attempting DPH for the first time, it might be best to have one. Become "comfortable" with delirium and know your limits before doing anything risky. Such as, eating a whole bottle then chugging a bottle of cough syrup for the first trip probably isn't wisest idea you've had.
  • Before doing something like calling 911, ask yourself why you're doing it, and if you realize it's to report the glowing scorpions that have you cornered in your garage, don't call.

See Trip Sitter

Who should NOT use DPH?

  • Those with glaucoma, or a predisposition to it - Delirium is not worth blindness
  • Those with a history of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, or a predisposition to it. Those with a history of depression should use their discretion - DPH may help or worsen it.
  • Those suffering from depression or suicidal -- DPH WILL aggravate your condition.
  • People with heart problems/arrhythmias
  • People taking any other medication at the time of DPH ingestion
  • People with a predisposition to seizures, or epilepsy
  • The elderly - acetylcholine levels decline as one ages, and DPH may lead to permanent dementia.
  • Children/Teenagers - Sure, you don't give a rat's ass, but DPH's effect on a developing brain may increase the chance of developing Alzheimer's
  • Anyone


  • Alcohol. May increase risk of respiratory failure or organ damage.
  • DXM. Reduces nausea and co-amplify each other. Some may contend that taking both drugs produces a unique experience, especially if the doses are similar. Increased interaction with and malleability of hallucinations has also been reported.
  • Opiates. May increase risk of respiratory failure or organ damage. Also can potentiate the effects of opiates across the board, all while reducing nausea and itching.

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