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Fentanyl is a an incredibly potent opioid drug prescribed to patients with higher opiate tolerance. At approximately 100x the strength of morphine, it's not to be taken lightly.

Dosing on Fentanyl

Fentanyl can be found in several forms, including a Buccal lollipop, usually with a trade name of "Actiq" but also available generically, a buccal disintegrating tablet marketed in the U.S. under the name "Fentora", an injectable liquid available mainly in hospitals and a transdermal patch, which traditionally goes by the trade name "Duragesic" but is available in three generic forms. Generally, these patches come in a form of a clear plasticish patch, with a sticky permeable layer that allows a gel encased inside of it to be released overtime. However, one known company, Mylan, has come out with an idea to prevent abuse and extraction of this gel, by actually just matrixing the fentanyl into a little cloudy-clear sticker. Another company, Aveva/Teva, makes a patch similar to Mylan in delivery method although instead of plastic, the patch is a very thin piece of metallic foil with a sticky adhesive layer containing the fentanyl.

Now remember, Fentanyl users are much more prone to nodding than with other commonly available opiates. Before going into how to dose on this shit, please take your time to make sure you've done a few of the necessary precautions. :

  1. Set an alarm to go off every 10 minutes. (Tho you can easily die in less than 10 minutes) This might just save your life in the case you fall asleep and stop breathing.
  2. Dear Lord, MUST you be told to have SOMEONE in the house, a tripsitter, a parent, a grandparent, a(grand)parent dying of cancer?
  3. Keep the phone nearby. Would you rather die instead of calling 911, and completely lose your chance to ever try to get high on delicious opis again?


"Actiq" Lollipops come in a few different dosages. 200 µg, 400 µg, 600 µg, 800 µg, 1.2 mg, and 1.6 mg strengths. If you have no tolerance to opiates, it would pretty much just be best to stay clear of the lollipops, period. However, you probably won't do that. GOD FUCKING FORBID, AND HAVE MERCY in the case you have anything higher than 400 µg. I'd pray to whatever powers that be right before you do this shit. Open up your package, stick that fucker on the SIDE of your mouth, or UNDER your tongue, and DONT swallow your spit(or else it won't work) spin it until you've taken in about 100mcg, or (16th of it if it's 1600mcg, that just saved you a bit of math, it's god damn impossible to divide something by dissolving it in your mouth anyway)if you can estimate how many licks it takes to get to the center of a feelsgoodman. Now, sit, and WAIT, if you're not breathing or struggling to in 15 minutes, you can take in a bit more, but do take caution not to get carried away. You'll know once you've found your mark.

Now, patches can be a bit more dangerous, yet can pay off with a great amount of just as good benefits. Patches come in 25 µg/hr (.025mg), 50 µg/hr (.05mg), 75 (.075mg total), and dear fucking lord yes, a 100 µg/hr form (.1mg)


Transdermal Patches

There are a few ways to have fun with these buggers. In the "Duragesic" or whatever brand you have gel form patches, people generally just chew PARTS of the patches, or take a bit of the gel and spread it on their gums. I cannot stress the danger of the gel in these things. It is unfuckingbelievable how concentrated these are. Do the math. 10mg's of fentanyl would roughly solve out to 1000mg's of morphine. Do you understand that potency? Do you really? It would be a fanfuckingtastic idea to not cut off anything over a quarter of an inch thick on these things. Much else can't be said but good luck.

Now, for the mylans, these are easier, and fanfuckingtastic. Slice a bit of the patch off, no thicker than a quarter of an inch thick, dry off your upper gum, and put it between your lip and the sticky side towards those gums. Now. Wait about a minute, and take it out. See how you feel in a few more minutes, and keep going if you need to. You WILL nod, and you WILL nod HARD.

Additionally, you can "freebase" the gel in the patches that have it. This is, undoubtedly the most dangerous and risky form of using fentanyl patches. However, it gets the fentanyl in your system fast, and hard. Basically, take out a FUCKING TINY dot (About the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen, or toothpick), put it on a piece of foil or something that will heat up without exposing the gel to direct flame (which will burn the fentanyl into nothing), and apply heat to the bottom of the platform, until the fentanyl vaporizes into smoke, and inhale. Be careful when using bigger blobs. For god's sake.

Lastly, there are surfacing reports on plugging fentanyl. It is not only a viable RoA but quite an effective one. As fentanyl has a low solubility in water, you need to use a liquid with a high lipid/fat content. Preferably, cream or half-and-half ought to be used - however milk (either whole or 2%, 1%/skim has not been tested) is still quite usable. The best method is to heat up your liquid of choice until it is quite warm (a bit over tepid, but well below hot). Then, make a small hole in the patch to squeeze the gel out (this method is only viable with the gel patches, Mylans won't work). Take the plunger off of the syringe and squirt 60%-75% of your standard dose of fentany into the open end of the syringe. Replace the plunger and fill syringe with the warm milk - shake as necessary. After that, plug as normal Note: you may feel a slight. barely noticeable burning, but this is due to the minute amount of alcohol in the gel solution. If you are experienced with plugging, or not, it will take a bit longer for yo drugz to be absorbed in the rectum than other drugs, like hydrocodone, oxymorphone, or morhpine - 20-30 minutes as opposed to 5-15 minutes with other drugs.

Keep safe. Have fun.

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