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How to Inhale

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Failure to properly inhale while smoking is a primary reason that people don't get the full effect of whatever they are smoking. Poor inhalation can be caused by hot smoke, nausea, incompetence, coughing, etc. Poor inhalation can also lead to blowing out the bowl, sore throat, bad vibes, and looking like a dumbass. If you cannot inhale smoke due to allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis or other ailments you should probably not smoke unless you can cool down your smoke, vaporize it, or both. This article is meant as a general overview. For more specific instructions, go to the page of your chosen smoking implement. The basic principle of smoking is to inhale as much smoke into your lungs as possible. It is important that the smoke goes all the way into the lungs, not just into the mouth and throat. Holding the smoke in for several (3-10) seconds is a good way to maximize the effect of the drug.


How to Hold the smoking implement

Joints, blunts, and spliffs can all be held in either an index-middle finger scissor pinch (either at the end of your fingers, or in the crook between them by your knuckle) or an index-thumb pinch (like the "o.k." sign). When using any sort of cigarette-like device, it's important not to niggerlip if one wants to avoid ridicule. Bubblers and pipes are both usually held by wrapping your hand around the bowl and cupping it sideways into your palm. In any pipe-like method of smoking, it's important to know the parts of the pipe, especially the bowl and carburetor.


If inhaling's not for you, why not try delicious edibles?


While holding the pipe to your lips, hold a lighter near your drugs and strike a flame. The lighter does not have to be incredibly close to your face or drugs. Now while holding the pipe/joint to your lips and the flame slightly near your drugs, (with your carb covered) begin to inhale. SLOWLY. It might seem absurdly slow if you are doing it right. Adjust your flame to make sure the drugs are actually burning slightly but be careful not to torch the bowl(light it all at once). Torching is wasteful and looked down upon. A technique called "Cornering" should always be used when smoking. When cornering, you want to only light a fourth of the bowl. There are usually two hits per corner for a well packed, medium depth bowl. After a second or two of inhaling, release the carb and remove the lighter. Inhale as much smoke as possible out of the pipe and hold your breath for a few seconds. The smoke will be hot, and you may experience burning and scratchiness. When you are ready to exhale, blow smoothly out and look for smoke. If there was no smoke, you're doing it wrong. Exhaling is more pleasant than coughing. However coughing does seem to get people high quickly. For first time users it is often useful to have someone else use the lighter for them. With other people it is awesome if you can keep the bowl lit while passing so other people do not have to use a lighter.

Efficiency/Saving your throat technique

For the best efficiency the goal is to smoke sloooowly. When you light the bowl, attempt to light the absolute smallest amount of the bowl possible. To do this pull the flame into the bowl very slowly with your lungs to the very top corner of the weed. Sometimes you might not actually light anything. If it takes too long to get that perfect tiny bit lit stop inhaling and try all over again. Otherwise you might not have the lung capacity to keep inhaling later when you need to. Immediately when you see the smallest cherry remove the lighter. The goal now is to get the cherry to go out as soon as possible while not letting any smoke leave without going through your lungs. This requires a balance in how hard you inhale. If you are really worried about your throat you can also try to inhale fresh air though your nose or the corner of your mouth at the same time as you inhale through the pipe. Once the cherry goes out keep inhaling as much air as you can though the pipe. Depending on the piece the whole process might be best done with the carburetor held the whole time. Hold the smoke and count to 10(more is pointless). This method is problematic with not so great weed, high tolerance, or many people passing. In these situations it might not be possible to get as high as you want due to the low speed. With good weed and low tolerance however it is amazing how much weed you will conserve.

Going for blazed

Don't stop smoking.


Inhaling/Exhaling Tricks

Inhaling tricks can also be a form of entertainment to some, such as the Mushroom Cloud, French Inhale and Vertical Hit.

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