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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is medicinal herb made from the leaves of a large tree native to Southeast Asia. Botanically it is similar to psychotria viridis, a DMT containing plant common in Ayahuasca admixtures. Kratom has a long history of use in Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand.


Chemical Content

Kratom contains a number of alkaloids most notably mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. 7-hydroxymitragynine is probably the primary active chemical. Although these chemicals are structurally similar to tryptamines, specifically yohimbine, their mechanism of action is quite different.


Kratom can be ingested by chewing on or brewing the plant's leaves into a tea. Kratom also comes in finely ground extracts which vary in texture and strength, and are often used in teas. However, unlike other 'legal' drugs, such as Salvia and it's extracts, Kratom is ultimately non-standardized. Meaning, that one store's 15X may be another store's 5X; in fact many times strength of the extracts aren't even given a numeric value, but rather an often vague term such as "Super" or "Premium". Fortunately, due to the low health risks, means of consumption, and relatively mild effects of Kratom (when compared to other drugs), knowing the exact strength is not of extreme importance. If in doubt, start with a small dose, wait, then take some more depending on how you feel. Depending on the density of your kratom, typical doses are as follows:


Low 5-8 grams
High 9-15 grams

"Super Premium:"

Low 4-6 grams
High 6-12 grams


Low 1-2 grams
Medium 2-3 grams
High 3-6 grams

Keep in mind that going past the maximum doses listed above is simply a waste of drugs; kratom is an opiate with a roof, meaning you can only get so high with it. Eating more will not produce stronger effects, and you'll probably get nauseous as well.

Means of Consumption

A simple and straightforward method of consuming kratom in powdered form is as follows: measure out your dose of kratom, and place spoonfuls of the powder under your tongue. Take a drink of water, mix it with the powder in your mouth, and swallow. Repeat until you've eaten all of it. Alternatively, you can measure out your dose, put it in a whiskey glass or something of similar size, and mix with warm water. Using warm water will increase the amount actually being mixed in and will reduce clumps. Then, you just straight chug son. I wouldn't recommend taking small sips, if you can stomach it just chug the entire thing at once. But if you're really that much of a pussy you can take girl sips. Depending on the strain it will taste either like completely ass or somewhat tolerable.

Kratom in ground leaf form is ideal for brewing tea, a common practice, but if that's not your cup of tea there are other ways of ingesting it. Some users will mix the leaves or powder in with a large bowl of applesauce, which helps mask the taste; mixing powdered kratom into other things, such as omelettes or PB&J sandwiches, is not recommended, as the consistency (like baking cocoa) is difficult to properly blend into anything and can ruin the taste of otherwise delicious foods. (anon finds that mixing equal parts of kratom and jam(not jelly) mixed into a thick paste almost fully kills the unholy bitter taste even when taking a big dosage of 10+ grams consuming 1/4 of cup in a single gulp is not a problem obviously one should wash the kratom paste down with water since you will likely have some kratom jelly grit in your mouth)

Kratom may also be used sublingually. To do this, place your dose under your tongue and leave it there for at least 15 minutes while chewing occasionally. This is only recommended for extracts as the larger doses of normal potency kratom can be difficult to chew or fully absorb.


The effects of kratom can be largely dependent on the strain used. Some strains are speedy while others are more noddy.


  • Simultaneous stimulation & sedation
  • Feelings of empathy
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Aphrodisiac qualities for some people
  • Vivid waking dreams
  • Useful with physical labor
  • Ability to focus and concentration increased
  • Analgesia


  • Relatively short duration (Depends on the strain, really)
  • Change in ability to focus eyes
  • Overconfidence


  • Very bitter taste (Similar to sucking on Earl Grey leaves)
  • Dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting at higher doses
  • Mild depression during and/or after
  • Increase in (perceived?) body temperature. (feel hot and sweaty)
  • Mild alcohol-esque hangover
  • Constipation
  • Increased agitation at even the smallest things, shortened temper (Cokerage)

For the most part, the effects are much like mild doses of both stimulants and opiates; nature's speedball, if you will. Like with alcohol, the hangover can be avoided by consuming large amounts of water. This will also just make the high better.

Drug Interactions

  • Combining alcohol with kratom can cause severe nausea, but can also synergise with it in small amounts to boost the depressant effects. Two beers, max, otherwise you'll probably puke. Large amounts of alcohol with kratom can also result in one nasty bastard of a hangover.
  • Smoking tobacco while on kratom may cause nausea that overshadows the pleasant effects of both substances; pace yourself, or you're going to start retching.
  • Smoking cannabis before using kratom is a fucking fantastic idea. Weed seems to potentiate kratom's opiate effects, to the point that you'll be nodding balls for at least half an hour.
  • Combining a small dose of a benzo of your choice with kratom makes for a much more relaxing and euphoric experience.


Kratom is, amazingly, legal pretty much everywhere. The theory is that since it's generally unknown and mild, nobody cares about it. The exceptions to this are the drug's native Thailand, where possession of kratom is punishable by death; Australia, where the government just enjoys finding every way to defecate on the populace; and many eastern European countries.

There are about a million billion websites from which the dozens of different strains of kratom can be purchased, either as shredded leaves, finely-ground powder, extra-strength extracts, or stuffed into capsules. It is also available in most headshops, but this route is discouraged as there is less variety and they'll pretty much all rip you off. As in, paying 4 times more than you would for the same amount on the internet rip you off. /opi/

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