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List of head shops in the United States of America

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  • Trader's Outlet - Great selection, cuts deals.
  • Rebels's Smoke Shop


  • Trader's Smoke Shop - EXCELLENT pipes and pieces, they have a JWH/Spice-esque home blend that is a great value!!
  • Paraphernalia Boutique
  • Herb 'N Legend Smoke Shop
  • Graffiti Shop
  • Smoke Away


  • Catalina Smoke Shop
  • Hippie Gypsy
  • Puff n' Stuff
  • JJ's Smoke Shop
  • Moon Smoke Shop
  • Sky Smoke Shop






-Heads of State l -Heads of State ll -Daddy Danks l -Daddy Danks ll -Lazy J's Smoke shop -Heady Glass -Purple Haze -Go Ask Alice


  • Sunshine Daydream
  • Old Glory
  • Songbirds
  • Land of Oz
  • Lifestyles
  • Hobie's
  • Northern Lights #2


  • Marley's
  • Wonderland
  • Flashbacks
  • Up In Smoke
  • Pipe Dreams
  • The G-Spot



  • Junkman's Daughter (back of the store)


  • Starship (really the only known chain headshop store we have)

Metro Atlanta

  • Smoke 911, several locations. Acworth/Woodstock/SandySprings/Roswell


  • Mystic Dreams (not really big, but they have some beautiful glasswork)



  • Smoke Rings


  • Good Tobacco


  • Secrets


Fort Wayne

West Lafayette

  • Amused Clothing


  • 20 Past 4 and More
    *The Magic Bus
  • Headlines
    *Tea's (defunct)



  • The Singer Station

Des Moines

  • Daydreams
  • Liberty Gifts

Iowa City

  • The Den
  • Headhunter's
  • Konexxion



  • Doc's
  • Firefly
  • Fore Play
  • Karmic Connection


  • JFriendly's
  • Elevation Underground
  • The Otherside
  • Towson Food Market


South Shore

  • Brennan's Smoke Shop


  • Oriental Wonders (in the Hanover Mall)


  • Morrison Glass Works


Ann Arbor

  • Stairway to Heaven- You will be carded if you even want to stand next to the glass display. Not that interesting, really.
  • 42 Degrees- So much glass! Very complex pieces but also have more basic pipes. Some cool jewelry too! Rather expensive though.
  • The Foggy Bottom Bayou- Beautiful glass, smaller selection, very nice staff, unique little items everywhere.


  • The Jungle Room

Metro Detroit

  • BDT's in Roseville
  • In-Flight on 9 Mile
  • The Roadshow in Roseville- Biggest headshop in the area. Offers a large selection of glass and smoking accesories, tons of posters, body jewelry, clothing and even reptiles. Has a huge annual sale at the end of the year where everything is 40% off. The staff is very friendly.
  • The Plum Pit in Eastpointe- Smaller shop with a large selection of glass and some other interesting things like blacklight posters, odd jewelry and weird clothes.
  • The Groove Shop in Detroit

Grand Rapids

  • Shakedown Street The smell is horrible and the staff is burnt out
  • Purple East rude employees act like you in there living room and dont want to help you
  • Mystic Mill These guys have some of the best glass on the west side of MI. The staff is very cool no need to go to any other shop in gr. And the promtoe local glass made in the U.S.A and thats a big bonus for me


  • Krazy Kats/Silver Streak
  • In-Flight
  • Su Casa
  • Blown- lots of local glass with very low prices.
  • Wild Side Smokeshop- grate selection of bongs and vapes definitely the best shop in the area the staff is friendly and helpful and are very receptive to haggling

Traverse City

  • Blue in the Face
  • Sleeping Tiger Imports
  • Three Doors Down

Upper Peninsula

  • Backroom Entertainment (Houghton)- almost anything you can think of they sell very friendly staff, they also have a Hookah lounge just ask.



  • The Hideaway


  • In A Fishbowl
  • Tropical Smoker's Oasis

Apple Valley

  • The Hideaway


  • Tobaccofield


  • Mellow Mood (2 locations)
  • Discontent



Weed has been decriminalized in Columbia, and coupled with being a college town, it has a good selection of shops compared to similar midwestern towns.

  • Dreams - Best prices I've found in Columbia. Lots of unique pipes and bongs, and a huge selection of papers and wraps.
  • Eye Candy - The widest variety of variety of pipes. Lots of novelty pipes (like a hammer, or Vader smoking out of the Death Bong). They also give you a raffle ticket for each item you buy, and the first of the month give away a pipe worth about 200 bucks.
  • Aardvarx - An old-fashioned store. Lots of hemp clothing, Pink Floyd banners, chunky jewelry, and incense. Most of their pieces are pretty standard, but they have a good selection of bats, hemp papers, screens, and cleaning tools.
  • Bocomo Bay - Adult store, supposedly they have a good selection of pieces and papers
  • Dream Catcher Studios - skate shop/tattoo parlor with a back room full over overpriced pieces you can find on the internet
  • TNT Glass Design - Only place around to get custom pieces. They don't sell any foreign glass, but I'm not sure of their pricing.
  • The Peace Nook - Not really a head shop. Nonetheless, they have fair trade organic clothing, books on growing, and detox kits. The rest of the store is candles and incense, hand-made jewelry, books on conspiracy theories and homosexuality, and yummy organic food.

St. Charles

St. Louis

  • TNT Glass Design - And a third, this one on the Delmar Loop.
  • Eclipse hwy 30 and gravois
  • Area 51 hxw 30 and gravois
  • Sunshine Daydream [http://www.sunshinedaydream.com/. one on south Lindbergh and another on Delmar. They're kind of overpriced though.
  • Dominick is a guy who sells pieces on saturdays and sundays in the loop. Across from the STL Bread Co.
  • Hypnotized in Florrisant
  • Discount Lemay Smoke shop down Lemay Ferry. Ran by a really cool guy. not expensive but smaller selection.
  • Dragons Lair down Jeff Co in Jefferson County
  • The Shop in St. Peters off of Mexico Road
  • Glad Rags off Hwy 70
  • Vice off mexico and jungerman
  • The Basement off Butler hill and Lemay



  • Smitty's smoke shop- Is overpriced but good quality glass


  • Coldsmoke- Low prices and goodquality,but god help you if you say bong.
  • The Grateful shed- Excellent quality, low prices and the people are cool as hell, might get shut down for selling weed again, though.

Smitty's smoke shop- Overpriced for ok quality.

New Jersey

Gloucester County

"Puffs and Pipes" 4880 State Highway 42, Blackwood, NJ 08012 Puffs and Pipes is a cigar shop that also carries a decent selection of pipes, bowls, hookahs and bongs. The owners/operators are VERY strict with ID, often asking for ID as soon as you walk in the door. Although they seem short and scrutinizing, they are very helpful. Upon deciding on your purchase however, they become much more talkative and friendly.

Monmouth County

Depending on the product their prices can be either extremely reasonable or horridly overpriced, so it's best to call in advance to find out. For example, they sell the vaporgenie for the same price that it retails on the vaporgenie website, saving you the five day shipping wait. Also the ladies who work there are extremely polite and know their shit. You have to be at least 19 to buy anything, and they do check ID. And since you're not allowed to mention illegal drugs in the shop, just use "flavored tobacco", "herbs", etc. as a codeword for cannabis.

Ocean County

There are two that this toker is aware of on the Seaside boardwalk. One is the Seaside Rock Shop (very nice), the other is smaller, around the corner, and sells shit. Remember, the age for tobacco use in NJ is 19, not 18. They're lenient on the boardwalk because a lot of the tourists from PA and NY.

Another anon here, past Seaside, Going west on Route 37 toward Manchester, there are three shops. One is a legit headshop called "Pipe Down." (A wee bit past 37's intersection with Hooper, a few blocks down from Ihop) It completely abides the law, no luck for the kiddies there. Also very expensive. A classy establishment. Further on there is an Indian run mart called "Wave mart." They sell an amazing array of pipes, as well as herbs and supplies. Extremely lenient. Cheap, too. Proper glass bowls are like 18 a piece. Across, or diagonally perpendicular or some shit, from Wave Mart is a Luk-Oil known for cheap lousy bowls and supplies, but also for their adolescent-minded cigarette selling policy.

New York

Long Island

Nassau County

Suffolk County

  • Gotham Smokes Inc.
  • Utopia

New York City

  • Addicted NYC
  • Shisha International
  • Easy Street Gallery

Hudson Valley Area

  • Liquid Glass
  • Village Sensations
  • The Glass Room
  • Kontiki Trading Co. an International Bazaar
  • Sierra Moon
  • Likwid


Broome County

  • Jabberwock Also
  • Sugar Mountain

Monroe County


  • Ghost Dog monroe ave(take a right off the 490 exit)this is all artist blown glass. although the quality here is generally good, its also slightly expensive and the people who run the store are kinda dick. over all a good store
  • Skyehigh monroe ave(take a right off the 490 exit) this is honestly more of a clothing store. if ur under 18 dont even bother trying to go here the selection is lacking compared to elab and ghost dog which are within walking distance
  • Dewey Ave Smoke Shop(corner of flower city park and dewey) this place has a buncha pipes, fairly priced. surprisingly this head shop is at least half devouted to tobacco, the nice thing about this place is they have the specility flavor dutches. always a plus
  • Show World (mainly an adult video store)
  • Smoker's Choice
  • Elab Boutique, theres 2, ones on monroe (take a right off the 490 exit this one is very impressive a nice selection and an informitive staff who will actually talk to you.) and i think the others on lake.... i could be wrong about this
  • west side smoke shop, this is in the middle of the hood. although u can buy glass here its more of a 1 stop shop for crack heads. you can also get some "legal" items here like brass knuckle "papper weights" its on Lyle ave near the mount read area i think. if that means anything to anyone

Ontario County

Kind Konnections(Small, but really nice)

  • Ontairo video and news(porn store has some heady bongs)on 104 heading east.

Onondaga County

  • Super Kind Imports

Oswego County

  • Bonafide

Tompkins County

Ithaca Commons:

  • Jabberwock
  • Excape
  • Ithaca Hemp Co.

Western New York

  • Headspace (Elmwood & Allen)
  • Terrapin Station (Hertel Ave)
  • Decades (Center Rd) & Decades Too
  • Pipe Dreams (Super Flea, Walden Ave, Sat & Sun only)
  • Headin 2 Hertel (Hertel Ave)

North Carolina


  • Junction 420: A god awful excuse of a head shop. The owner has changed shopfronts multiple times due to not making ANY MONEY EVER. This may be due to the fact that he only opens the store when he feels like it. Some of the time it will be open until 10pm on a Wednesday, and some days it'll be closed all day. All the pieces look like shit, and are wayyyyyyyy to expensive. Never go here if you have the choice.
  • Hookah Hook-up: 1011 N Fayetteville St in Asheboro. Open Monday - Saturday 11am to 8pm and Sunday 12-6. A wide selection of Hookahs, traditional pipes, glass pipes, water pipes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and much more. Large walk in humidor.


  • Wonderland: Great selection of pipes, papers, vapes, lighters, scales, and other assorted paraphernalia. All of this under the roof of a store that looks like it came straight out of Lewis Carrol's brain. It's a good store but a little pricey. Quality right?
  • Octopus's Garden: Sort of a chain within Asheville. There are at least 3 of these stores within 15 minutes of each other, and they all have a good selection of pieces. Each store has a section devoted to "Heady Pieces" that are all in the price range of $300 and up. Extremely personable employees and the price is totally reasonable. Go here if you're trying to get your first piece, or something ridiculously nice; but no in between pieces.
  • Instant Karma: This head shop is located right beside the Octopus's Garden store downtown in Asheville. If you have ever wanted to feel like a straight hippie this is the store for you. Blacklight posters everywhere, vintage playboys for sale, obscenely liberal bumper stickers, and of course pieces. The store was not originally a head shop, but over the years started to carry more weed smoking apparati. Today, the back of the store is full of different pieces all separated by price. Some of the useful perks that Instant Karma has are slips of paper on top of the glass cases that hold the pipes. They all say what you CAN NOT call any of the pieces. "You will be refused service if you say, Bong, Weed Pipe, Hash Pipe, Crack Pipe" Etc... This is a great store to go to if you enjoy the hippie atmosphere and want a decent piece for a reasonable price.


  • Infinity's end: Great staff and great pipes! A great selection of bongs, pipes, papers, vapes, everything for your toking needs at this one shop! Also tons of clothes and fancy decorations to decorate yourself and your smoking habitat. There are two stores in Charlotte. One on South blvd and the other on Independence blvd.


  • At the Web rd. flea market off of I85.


  • Conn-Signment Music: Whereas most headshop/music stores are basically headshops disguised as music shops, this place is actually great for either. He's got a giant glass case filled to the brim with various smoking instruments, and the walls filled with various musical instruments. He imports JWH himself and makes his own spice/k2/whatever, which he sells very cheaply at the store. He lets you buy a $10 bag of spice and then try out any number of pipes you want, to try-before-you-buy, right there in the shop. Also, if you're a musician, imagine a great, nice little music shop with a couple recording rooms and practice rooms, with some chill-ass stoner employees who just want to jam with you and get high. The only problem is that the owner is a lazy stoner, so he closes up shop at 5, and doesn't even open on mondays (the sign on the door showing hours simply states "Monday: Hahahaha")
  • Smoke Rings Smoke Shop


  • Expressions, decent sized selection of glass, overpriced though. They usually have a 50% off sale around the 3 days before 4/20.
  • Fatties, a tobacco shop, but they have some smaller decent pieces.


  • New shop just opened called Tobacco on 15th street. Everything you need to smoke, decent pieces. No nice GonG bongs though. Good prices. The owner is friendly and if he sees your telling people about his store and bringing in customers he sometimes gives you a small gift (brass screens or the like).



  • Daystar Boutique
    • There are two stores in the West Side, ones in Cleveland proper and the other is in Lakewood.



  • Up In Smoke II

Oklahoma City

  • Fathedz



  • Tony's Smoke Shop
  • Bad Habits
  • Uprise



  • Artifax
  • Wonderland

State College

  • Grasshopper Gifts
  • Chronic Town
  • Jamaica Junction
  • Dragon Chaser's Emporium



  • Good Times Gallery
  • Full Tank
  • The Bern Gallery
  • Northern Lights
  • Good Stuff
  • Hempest


  • Haze Smokeshop
  • The Emporium
  • Laughing Moon


Johnson City

  • Catch 22
  • Highway Boutique


  • The Party Haus


  • Wizard's



  • Kulture
  • Roots Rock Reggae


  • Natural Mystics


  • Kulture


  • Kulture



  • Piece of Mind
  • Puffin Glass


  • Smokin J's
  • GM Smoke and Tobacco


  • The Green Room


  • Earth & Fire


  • Chief Cottonmouth
  • Riverside Smoke

Washington, D.C.

  • Capitol Hemp



  • Diskfunction


  • Sunshine Daydream
  • The Pipefitter
  • Knuckleheads
  • Azara
  • Smokes on State
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