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Rectal Insertion

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Rectal Insertion is the administration of drugs by insertion into the rectum (ass). It is an excellent, fairly safe route of administration. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with the procedure, and avoid it (usually those who are insecure about their sexuality). If you're comfortable with it and you don't want to shoot up, this is one of your best options. It's quite simple and much stronger than you would think. Like oral administration, vomiting may occur with higher doses. Start with very low doses, and be careful!


When to go rectal

You should make sure your drug provides bioavailability benefits for rectal administration before doing it. Most do; however, there are some exceptions where rectal is only slightly better than oral. Other drugs must pass through the liver with oral administration before reaching their full potential (prodrugs). Know your drug. Ideally, your drug page should cite facts for bioavailability. That failing, ask the appropriate board. You should also be comfortable with your sexuality. Rectal administration does not make you a homosexual; it does, however, represent a mental block that many serious drug users eventually overcome about their bodies in the never ending quest to get exceedingly high.

Health risks

Rectal is one of the safest methods of administration if done properly. Note, however, that you can not put just anything into your rectum; unlike your stomach, which is extremely acidic, the rectum will not break down drugs for you.


Option 1: Turkey-basting Anal Blast 12

Required Materials

  • Turkey baster, needle-less syringe (most needles should screw off), or an enema bottle with a cap that screws off (this works the best and is most comfortable). Some drug stores carry syringes specifically marked for rectal use. Nasal clearing bulbs can also work. Many pharmacies have needleless syringes for dosing liquid medicine. They are generally free, especially if you mention that you need some to measure your child's medicine.
  • Crushing tools (if your drug is in pill form) or a blender or coffee grinder (if your drug is unground plant material). A spoon works nicely
  • About 20 mL (4 teaspoons) of lukewarm water (use less if your drug dissolves in less -- much easier to hold in)
  • Cup; or anything to hold the water


  1. Ensure you've recently defecated, or at the very least, that your rectum is clear of feces. If your rectum contains feces, you will inject the drug straight into the feces, the feces will absorb it all, and you will not get high. If you are an opiate user or naturally prone to constipation, note that you can still have feces in your intestine and be able to use rectal administration. Just ensure your rectum is clear.
  2. If the drug is a pill, then carefully grind and prep your pill. Grind it as fine as possible and mix it with water. If your drug is actual plant material (i.e. poppy tea, ayahuasca), prepare the tea as normally and carefully reduce the volume as much as possible. Keep in mind that heat can often destroy active chemicals, so reduce the liquid slowly and carefully.
  3. Suck it up with your syringe/turkey baster. If using the empty enema bottle, just dump the crushed up pill in (a folded piece of paper works best for this) and then add enough warm water to cover them. You will know how much water is enough when you have more experience with this procedure, but enough to cover the powder is usually a good starting point.
  4. Lay on your belly (not necessary, but you don't want anything to squirt out by accident). Put a towel down below you just in case. First time rectal users almost always spill.
  5. Consider using lube or vegetable oil if you aren't used to being fucked in the ass nightly, as you will probably have a very difficult time inserting your chosen device, otherwise.
  6. Stick it in your glory hole at least 3" (more if possible).
  7. If using a syringe it is VERY IMPORTANT to UNSCREW THE NEEDLE if one is attached. SLOWLY depress the plunger (or squeeze the bulb); if you squeeze too quickly, you will be squirting everywhere, which is both messy and disgusting.
  8. Remove very slowly, just like taking a shit. This part may be uncomfortable, and you may also leak if you try to eject the device too quickly. Holding it steady involves intense control of your rectal wall that you can later brag about to your friends.
  9. Remain on your stomach! This is important! It will help feeling like you have to take a watery shit and allow the drugs to absorb. Just watch TV, read a book or just stare at the wall. I don't give a fuck what you do just stay fucking there on your stomach.
  10. Hold it in for the next five minutes or so (you don't have to hold it too tight unless you get pounded by an 8 inch [in girth] penis every night). After about five to ten minutes, you should begin feeling the effects.

Option 2: The Aristocrats

This is like the first option, but instead of using a turkey-baster place the dry powder in a vegetable-based capsule (like the ones you can find at your local GNC) and shove it as far up your lubricated, shitless bunghole. Hold it for awhile and feel that druggy goodness seep into your anal cavity. Has the advantage of being far less messy and more portable, but also takes longer to kick in since your anus has to break up the capsule first.

Option 3: Meet the new option, same as the old option

You can get a syringe (I use a 10ml Childs oral syringe) and either break your pills in half, and drop them into the syringe, then draw up water and shake, or pre-mix the drug with water. Most people recommend lube for this step, but I've never had a problem with pain or difficulty, shove it all the way up your ass to the plunger, and press down on the plunger. Make sure your ass is clear of feces, or it'll absorb the drugs. Not to mention with stimulants, it gives you desire to shit pretty bad already, giving yourself an enema will make it even more ;)

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