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Intrarectal administration

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Intrarectal administration (A.K.A. rectal administration, suppository, or by the slang term "plugging") is the administration of drugs by insertion into the rectum (ass). It is an excellent, fairly safe route of administration. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with the procedure, and avoid it (usually those who are insecure about their sexuality). If you're comfortable with it and you don't want to shoot up, this is one of your best options. It's quite simple and much stronger than you would think. Like oral administration, vomiting may occur with higher doses. Start with very low doses, and be careful!

When to go rectal

You should make sure your drug provides bioavailability benefits for intrarectal administration before doing it. Most do; however, there are some exceptions where rectal is only slightly better than oral. Other drugs must pass through the liver with oral administration before reaching their full potential (prodrugs), or are toxic unless taken orally (codeine). Other drugs are simply not water soluble under normal circumstances (DXM) and therefore not active through this route of administration. Know your drug. Ideally, your drug page should cite facts for bioavailability. That failing, ask the appropriate board.

You should also be comfortable with your sexuality. Intrarectal administration does not make you a homosexual; it does, however, represent a mental block that many serious drug users eventually overcome about their bodies in the never ending quest to get exceedingly high.

The rectum is rich in blood vessels which serve to provide the muscles with plenty of oxygen, as well as absorb water in the process of forming a stool. These blood vessels also absorb compounds introduced into the rectum. Administering a drug dissolved in water will generally increase absorption rate. There is also a major blood vessel which travels directly from the rectum to the liver, which can increase the bioavailability of certain drugs by delivering up to one third of a dose to the liver where it can be broken down into active metabolites.

Health risks

Rectal is one of the safest methods of administration if done properly. Note, however, that you can not put just anything into your rectum; unlike your stomach, which is extremely acidic, the rectum will not break down drugs for you. Some compounds are highly caustic, and repeated and frequent introduction of these compounds can cause damage to the rectal tissue. Plug caustic compounds in moderation.


Read these instructions fully and make sure you understand before attempting this procedure.

What you need is an oral syringe. This page previously recommended a turkey baster which is probably the least useful tool for intrarectal administration. You can generally buy an oral syringe at any pharmacy. Oftentimes you can simply ask the pharmacist for one and they will give you one for free. Ideally you want one with a long tip, at least half an inch, and with a capacity of at least 10ml. Pet stores also sell larger ones, with longer tips (1 inch or more in length) and higher capacity (20ml or more). Use whatever syringe you prefer, just be aware that the tip has to pass your external anal sphincter entirely and the solution you plug should not drip out immediately. You can also use a more typical syringe for IV or IM administration by unscrewing the needle from the barrel.

If you need to crush your drugs because they come in tablet form you can purchase a pill grinder at most pharmacies, although mashing it up with a spoon works fine as well.

Make sure you have recently defecated or that your rectum is clear of feces. If there is still stool in your rectum the drugs will simply be absorbed into the stool and you wont get high. You can use your oral syringe to flush your rectum by filling it with 10-20ml of cold water and squirting it up there, then expelling it out into the toilet. This may help dislodge any leftover fecal matter. If you have a bidet, a bidet attachment, or a washlet, you can use that to clear your rectum by relaxing your sphincter and allowing some water up into your rectum, then expelling it. Too much water is bad, however, as it will flush away important intestinal bacteria from further up your intestines.

Take whatever powder you have and you can do one of two things. You can dump the powder in an appropriate amount of hot water (5-20ml) and allow it to dissolve, then draw it up with the syringe. Alternatively, you can remove the plunger from the barrel of the syringe entirely by pulling it all the way out. Holding the tip of the syringe with your finger you can dump the powder into the barrel and then carefully replace the plunger into the syringe, depress it all the way while holding it upward with your finger removed to allow air to pass through the tip, then finally draw up hot water. With this second method you will need to draw up a little air as well and shake your syringe with your finger on the tip in order to agitate the components to get them to form a solution. Once the solution has formed, hold the syringe upright, allow any air bubbles to float to the tip, and depress the plunger to remove the excess air. The first method is recommended for beginners, but the second method saves time if you know what you are doing.

Some people prefer to use a lubricant to allow the tip of the syringe the penetrate the sphincter better. Vaseline works fine in this case, but remember that you pass stools with a much greater diameter than the tip of an oral syringe, your sphincter will be able to accommodate it.

Find a comfortable position in which both of your hands are unrestricted to manipulate the syringe. You may have to stretch your sphincter by pulling the area around it slightly. Lying on your back, side, or stomach works fine, this is all personal preference. Make sure the tip of the syringe has penetrated your sphincter as far as it will go and then slowly and fully depress the plunger of the syringe. You can leave it there for a while or you can clench your sphincter while slowly withdrawing the syringe, it has to come out eventually. When withdrawing the syringe, you should try to angle your pelvis upward to avoid any leakage. You can expect to start feeling the effects of your dose in 5 to 20 minutes of dosing, depending on the drug. Generally, the rate of absorption is comparable to the sublingual and buccal routes of administration, with the benefit of not having to taste your dose.

You make reuse your syringe and it can last for weeks to months until the rubber part of the plunger wears down (if there is a rubber component) or until the barrel has become too abraded by the plunger, or any other reason. Just be sure to keep your syringe clean. Soap and water usually suffices. Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to sterilize each component of your syringe. If there is fecal matter, mucus, or lubricant on your syringe after use it should be washed promptly. While the rectum is very efficient at keeping out harmful bacteria, basic precautions should always be taken.

Another method involves using a vegetable-based capsule (other kinds won't dissolve) as a suppository. Simply put the powder in the capsule and press it into your rectum using your finger. This may take time to dissolve and absorb, but it can be convenient due to it's portability and ease of administration.

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